SAUVAGE MAMMA is born from the love of beauty in all its forms and expressions, art, elegance, women's curves and freedom. SM offers the woman who wears it powerexpress yourself and empower yourself through your exclusive garments. Designs created by its founder andhand-sewn in Barcelona. Inspired by those women who had the courage to mark and revolutionize our history, SAUVAGE MAMMA addresses thatsophisticated, feminine and daring womanwho is not afraid to shine. Because remember, beauty is in the attitude, not in the shapes of your body.Be your own mamma!


At SAUVAGE MAMMA we create exclusive garments, hand-sewn in a workshop in Barcelona. In fact, no two garments are the same, just as no two women are the same.


It is our fabrics that make the difference. For the manufacture of our garments we usehigh quality shapewear lycras, which refine the waist, enhancing the chest and buttocks. This type of lycra is consistent, but at the same time light, to be used in summer. our designsthey draw your figure, regardless of the size of your body, since we know that what will make a garment look better or worse, will be the chosen materials.